Weekly Update #252

Ahoy there and welcome back to another weekly update πŸ™‚

Been a good enough week of ups and downs. Work has me more tired than usual which makes evening work a little harder and Simon is getting into the swing of school days with the daughter again.

But all that aside we’ve pushed forward with the fluff bible we’re building and it’s setting a good baseline for the different factions and making sure we’ve got a consistent baseline (we probably should have done this before now lol!).

In other bigger news we’ve ordered a set of our tokens and cards as is from the GameCrafter so that we have a fresh set to play test with. No rules or terrain with it and it doesn’t have any of the new work that Jono’s done but it will still be good to have an up to date-ish set of stuff.

In other Jono related news, his computer was behaving badly and is now fixed thanks to some tech support from Simon. All of which means he can now get back onto finishing up the character cards which were looking awesome.

The final piece of news for the week is that our streamlined and tidied rules have been reviewed by Simon and are looking good. Which is very promising! We now need to actually do more play testing and see how things evolve.

Until next week folks, take it easy πŸ™‚


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