Weekly Update #251

Ahoy there folks šŸ˜€

First up, apologies on the radio silence last week. I got to the end of Thursday, ran out of puff and called it a night early. So this week I committed to be back come rain or shine and we’re back baby!

Over the last two weeks we’ve been looking at different things. Jono has been deep diving on some of the character cards and laying out icons. Simon and I have been discussing the next game currently named Airships for lack of a better name. It’s coming along well and the plan is to be a quicker, streamlined Firefly (the boardgame not the show).

Meanwhile I’ve been progress the vvou, getting frustrated by the vvou’s cape and then deleting it and starting the cape again…which leaves very few pictures to show that aren’t what you’ve already seen šŸ˜¦

Also done this week and probably should have been done a while a go was building out fluff bible for what are the concrete rules of our world and factions. We’ve always had a good idea of these but they’ve been just that, ideas in our heads with a few notes here and there. We also noticed that a lot of our old fiction or notes weren’t quite hitting the same jokes we had previously found funny or the writings just weren’t working for us anymore. Which is fine, we are just focusing on what works and leaving what hasn’t worked as notes and ideas that we can re-use in the future. Let me know if any of you have ever found that looking back on old work makes you wonder why you found it so funny to start with? Was a weird sensation.

Looking at the coming week I’ll be wanting to further fill out the fluff bible. We’ll also be wanting to order our game as is from the GameCrafter just so we have an active copy to play test with. Jono will keep pushing forward with the graphic designs and hopefully we can have some more vvou sculpt updates to show as well.

Until next week folks, take it easy šŸ™‚


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