Weekly Update #253

Ahoy there dear readers!

Hope you’re all still doing well. We’re continuing to soldier on and overall it’s been a pretty decent week for us.

Jono has done another rev for the Isogorean logo / symbol, and it’s looks solid. He’s also updated the character cards and I’m really stoked with how they are looking.

Our order at the GameCrafter is slowly progressing through their backlog. We started at number 2500 ish in the queue last week and we’re down to around 1200-ish in the queue now. Can’t wait to get those test prints in hand.

Simon meanwhile has secured some access to a laser cutter and has been practicing with some templates for other games. However the plan is eventually he’ll be able to use it to make some cool templates and tokens for us to at least test with πŸ˜€ Excited!

Myself, I’ve been busy pushing the vvou sculpt further along. Her cape is now acceptably swooshy and is looking cool. It’s also now landing on the base which will help anchor the model and ensure that the miniature shouldn’t break or be too fragile. The ribbon that ties around her upper torso has been blocked in and is starting to take shape. However it was at this point that I looked at it and went…why is the cape blowing in one direction and the ribbon in the other! Perhaps I shouldn’t think too hard about this and just leave it as long as it looks cool. What do you lot reckon?


Looking at next week I’ll be pushing forward with the vvou sculpt and tidying that weird ribbon. I’ll also aim to get Simon and myself to further fill out the Fluff Bible we’re building. Hopefully Jono will have some more updates and other than that if we get anything else done it’ll be a bonus πŸ˜€

Until next week, take it easy πŸ™‚


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