Weekly Update #256

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back once again ๐Ÿ˜€

Another week of more happenings. The vvou has had more work on her, with some tidy looks boots now completing her ensemble. Jono has also been busy finalizing art and reviewing the website. In addition Simon has be prepping our latest character to highlight…the hulking Ophidia.


The Ophidia is a very cool creature that I always enjoy putting on the table. It’s very imposing, both on the table and in lore. The miniature itself has loads of little details for painters to pick out and highlight, while the rules for playing it on the table will make it fun but challenging to use. Because while it’s big meaty fists can usually smash open most armour, it is a tad on the slow side when not using it’s Striking speed to dive in at opponents.

Looking at next week I’m hoping we’ll have tightened up on some of the blurbs and fluff for the factions so that we can start showing and using that more visibly. A lot of the fluff / lore we have at the moment is ok but when we go back over it, we find that it isn’t necessarily consistent with what we’re going for now or even in the same style from piece to piece. Aside from that I’ll also be pushing on with the vvou sculpt.

Until next week, take it easy ๐Ÿ™‚


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