Weekly Update #256

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back once again 😀 Another week of more happenings. The vvou has had more work on her, with some tidy looks boots now completing her ensemble. Jono has also been busy finalizing art and reviewing the website. In addition Simon has be prepping our latest character to highlight…the hulking … More Weekly Update #256

Weekly Update #148

Hello and welcome back once again to the weekly dev post. This week we’ve been busy (Simon more than I) with our respective tasks as per the gantt chart and progress has been steady. We have been: Further progressing the Peregryn sculpt, pushing and tweaking her to match the art. The Sarcos has been thickened … More Weekly Update #148

Art Dump #111

This week on the Art Dump we’ve got some cool renders of the Ophidia from Simon and what is likely a final Zbrush render of the Ophidia from me. First up are the cool renders! Following up we’ve got my render out of Zbrush. You can see he looks pretty cool and is full of … More Art Dump #111

Weekly Update #130

Welcome back to our weekly Dev Blog. This week has been an interesting one with us taking a good look at Tabletop Simulator. But for a better break down we: Simon has been spending a fair amount of time investigating Tabletop Simulator and its looking pretty good so far. It looks like we should be … More Weekly Update #130

Art Dump #109

We’re back once again for a quick Art Dump. This week we’ve got some thumbnails of the Ophidia’s head and we’re looking at some different concepts of scars. Let us know what you think. A. B C D With that we come to the end of the this week’s Art Dump.  

Weekly Update #129

Hello and welcome back to another weekly dev blog. First up lets check-off our done list for the week that was: I managed to re-topologize and sharpen up the detail on the Ophidia. Though I am now tempted to try put a few scars on his face. We’ve complete the tweaks to the Fortune deck … More Weekly Update #129

Art Dump #108

Hello and welcome back to the weekly Art Dump. First up this week we’ve got an update from the Ophidia. Here you can see I’ve been working on his face and added the small spikes / protrusions to add a bit of depth and make the rest of his protrusion beard pop. Up second we … More Art Dump #108

Weekly Update #127

We’re back once again with the Weekly Update. First things first, let’s have a look at what we achieved this week: I’ve tidied up the Ophidia’s giant claws and have retopologized his main body. I’ve also tweaked his fins / spines again after some further feedback from Simon. We’ve had a look through the current … More Weekly Update #127

Art Dump #99

Welcome back to another Sunday Art Dump! This week we’ve got some rough concept sketches and an update of the Ophidia. First up are the concept sketches. These are some doodles that came to my mind since we started looking at the Tyton the other week. I have no idea how close these are to … More Art Dump #99

Art Dump #97

Once again the weekly Art Dump has rolled around and it’s time we show off some of our work! This week we’ve got some Moschops, Two Horn and Ophidia action. First up is the mighty Moschops who Simon is trying to push through so he can get back to his new favourite the Tyton. I … More Art Dump #97