Weekly Update #268

Ahoy there everyone and welcome back to another of our weekly dev posts!

It’s been a big week this week with the launch of the new Faith & Flintlocks site and we’re super stoked with how it has turned out. Jono did a fantastic job organizing our mess of ideas into something cohesive and snazzy. You’ll also notice that this site will now morph to be about more than just FnF. I’d foresee that you’ll see us talk about other ideas we’re developing, what we’re playing and other game related points.

Unfortunately last week was a bit of a blur due to overtime at work & home on rush work, and Simon was in the middle of the school holidays which means full time daddy day care.

This week however has been better, at least for Simon. Along with the new site Simon has been spitting out some new 3d print tests ready to package them up with our playtest kit.

Looking a head at next week I’m predicting my workload should be lessening, though my weekend is potentially busy so that won’t help. But for when I do get time, the Vvou will definitely be priority number 1. Simon will probably be continuing to build the playtest kit. I really would like another playtest soon but I’ll have to see how our week goes given the madness of my work currently.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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