Weekly Update #267

Ahoy there all! It’s good to see you back here.

This week there’s been some good progress with getting the Faith & Flintlocks site ready for launch, and the vvou is inching closer to completion!

First up, the Faith & Flintlocks site is almost done. This week we finished off the Gameplay section where we’ve give some outlines on how the game plays. Well almost finished it, all the words are done but we need another image or two to really polish it off. We also populated all the faction gameplay blurbs. Also managed to write up some gameplay snippets for 4 of the 12 characters.

Also worked on this week was the vvou’s blunderbuss. Its all done and dusted though I’ve forgotten to take a finished render of it, but I did snag one of it in progress. As you can see its looking snazzy and the finished version has the flintlock mechanism thicker and better suited for miniatures.

Gazing off into next week I see us finishing off the character’s gameplay snippets and possibly launching the Faith & Flintlocks site, though I’d have to go through that with Jono and Simon. Also on the to do list is to finish the Vvou’s hands and shoulder hoops.

Until next week, take it easy 🙂

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