Weekly Update #269

Ahoy there all and welcome to the weekly dev post!

Remember last week when I thought my workload would ease up a bit….yeah nah, it seems to have grown even larger. Which is less than fantastic but in the grand scheme of things it’s a good problem to have.

So I haven’t even managed to boot up Zbrush to work on the sculpt which is a little sad, but at least while we were helping our in-laws move over the weekend Simon and I had a chance to catch up.

We talked through the next priorities for us which basically include finishing off the sculpts, rewording the Isogorean faction equipment to match their slight rebrand and finishing off the 3d print tests. Also briefly discussed our fulfilment strategy or our current lack of it. That’s one side we haven’t looked into yet in any great detail so that’ll be interesting when we get there.

Other highlights for the week include tidying up our Grimwolden Games site and to pointing it to the new Faith & Flintlocks site. We’ve now got a ‘our games’ section highlighting the games currently in development. Also we’ve managed a few boardgames, with Simon hitting the Hobby Games evening and an X-wing session. Meanwhile I’ve enjoyed a quiet game of Azul with the wife.

Looking at next week, assuming I actually get some free time, I will be working on the Vvou sculpt. Simon will be 3d printing and we might even be able to catch up with Jono for some more progress discussions.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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