Dev Update #283

Welcome back one and all to another Dev update here on Grimwolden Games!

As we slowly head into winter down here in NZ we’ve been busy polishing and refining Faith & Flintlocks along with scoping out the business / fulfillment side of the project.

The first cab off the rank this week is the news that the Vvou has taken another step closer to completion with her arms all done. This only leaves her head, hoops and cape to tidy off. The hoops may cause some issues but I’m of the opinion that they will help make the model pop, along with a cool cape. Miniatures always look better with a swooshy cape!

Speaking of sculpting work, Simon has been roughing out the Elder’s pose to make sure it reads right. He’s also been busy mocking up the Elder’s walking stick guns, a well needed piece of equipment for the elderly adventurers ๐Ÿ˜€

Mark B has also written another cool slice of life short story which we will use to generate some artwork. I need to finish reviewing it but it’s a pretty good read from what I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait to share some of these stories / lore with all of you.

We’ve also been continuing to go through options for production for the miniatures and even had a meeting with a fulfillment company which went well. We still need to settle on an option but things are looking good. Ideally we’d prefer to have everything in the game you need to play, i.e 12 miniatures and all the cards & tokens. But things are pricey with out miniatures. Would love to hear some of your opinions on what is too much to pay for 12 decent size minis plus the full game worth of cards and tokens.

Using a smooth segue into tokens and cards, I can also mention that Jono has continued his fantastic work on the icons and cards. He’s now moving onto laying out the character cards with all the short hand icons we’ve built up. Its looking good but him and Simon need a good meeting to flesh out what needs to be on the cards and what can be scrapped to save room.

And finally keep an eye out for our latest newsletter from Faith & Flintlocks as it will be dropping shortly with fun details on some of the specifics of how to play the game. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our emails to keep in the loop for when we start setting up the kickstarter as well as any other lore or interesting tid bits we might drop!

Until next time folks, take it easy ๐Ÿ™‚

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