Dev Update #282

Ahoy there and welcome back to the Dev update!

It’s been another productive few weeks for us here at Grimwolden Games. Starting off I had finished my pass on the Isogorean equipment cards. These all feel in theme and the abilities match the card names, so I’m feeling really happy with these now. Next up to get the revision treatment are the Hantu cards. Currently these feel very ok, nothing special and yet not specific enough for the Hantu. This faction will require a bit of work to bring it up to the quality that we expect of our cards – nothing but the best for us πŸ˜€

Meanwhile Simon has been roughing out the pose for the Elder and bring that up to par. Next I believe he’ll be looking to export the model for someone to help us with. Another model that has been worked on is the Vvou. I’ve progressed the arms and the hands. Took longer than I thought to get the hands right – though hands can often be tricky. I had to balance the sharpness of the features without making them too busy. In the end I think they came out well, what do you think?

Someone else whos been busy has been Jono. He’s been working on our Grimwolden Games logo and it is now all done and locked in. We’ve got it in a few varieties and that will start appearing on the sites soon.

Lastly we’ve been reaching out to some casting / printing studios to get some rough budget prices for production of our miniatures. It’s been super handy chatting to them and getting their opinions and feedback. We’ve also had some suggestions to look at injection moulding which sounds cool but may be pricey for tooling.

That then brings us to the end of this dev post, thanks for coming along for the ride. If you’ve got any suggestions or recommendations for 3d printing / casting services I’d love to head them.

Until next time folks, take it easy πŸ™‚


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