Dev Update #284

Whoops looks like I missed Thursday by a few days! Welcome back to the belated Thursday dev update. Its been another good fortnight full of progression.

First up this week we’ll start with Simon’s progress. Him and Jono have had several good conversations around card design and layout. What icons need to be where and how much to use them (too man icons and its like you’re trying to read code!). Along with that he’s put together a brief for all the faction, fortune and faith cards for Jono to progress on. Also progressed is the Elder’s pose!! Tis a shame though that Simon forgot to send through a screenshot of the wip but oh well such is life :p

Next up we had Jono who has been through our social media updating our logos and banners to better reflect the latest designs. And its looking super awesome! He’s also added another 3 or so finished Icons to our array of iconography for use in the game.

The latest newsletter from our Faith & Flintlocks site has dropped, and we’re super happy with it. Check it out:

We’re working on getting an email campaign / register going on the Faith & Flintlocks site so that you can keep up with all the latest F & F related newsletters and also so you can be the first to know when the kickstarter goes up!

As for myself I spent some time delving into the Hantu’s backstory and further fleshing that out. In addition I have reviewed Mark B’s Relic rumble story and it was great. A few tweaks to do but it’s coming along well. I’ve also been prepping the next few newsletters or at least the content for them. That way we can get a few in the bank and drip feed those goodies out slowly 😀

And that brings us to the end of another of our dev updates. I hope you enjoyed the quick catchup and we’d love to hear back from you all about what part of Faith and Flintlocks looks the most exciting to you.

Until next time, take it easy 🙂


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