Dev Update #289

Ahoy all and welcome back to another of Dev Updates!

Another update and more pics to show…though no model painting for this update 😦 This week we’ve got some renders from the Vvou. As you can see her cape is coming along nicely with some great flow and crisp lines.

I’ve also flipped the ribbon and need to rework it into something…better. Its not sitting right currently with the weird ‘Y’ shape its got going on. Will probably go for something similar to the twist and flow of the cape….ish.

Simon has also been furthering both the Peregryn and Elder, however I’m short on images of those models unfortunately. I’ll make sure to bug him for pics for the next blog!

However one other thing that Simon has done a good job on is the card iconography grammar. With this he’s put together a standard way of reading the icons and how much text there needs to be accompanying it so that it doesn’t just become gobbledygook. Hopefully Jono can start implement those updates soon.

And that brings us to the end of a short and to the point update. Hopefully you’ve found something interesting here 😀

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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