Dev Update #288

Hello, hi and welcome back once again to our regular Dev blog.

We’ve been trucking along well with more 3d print tests, a bit of painting, sculpting and even rule updates!

First up I need to make sure I don’t bury the lede, as such check out the minis below!

As you can see they’re all looking pretty cool. The vvou test print was mostly for me to double check cape folds and see how she looked at scale. Happy with the result and I’ve already fixed the up section which was lacking. Though a friend has also mentioned that it might look a bit bare of detail, what about you lot, too bare is it or just right? Also featured there is the Ophidia getting its first lick of paint after being primed. Can’t wait to see that fully done 😀

Looking at the rules side of the game we’ve made sure the Fate deck has been updated and tweaked with out latest plans. Mark B has once again done an excellent job of fluffing up the blurbs and card titles.

Another thing some of you might have noticed is we’ve created a dedicated FaithandFlintlocks instagram account to highlight all aspects of the game. This keeps our GrimwoldenGames account free to keep you all up to date with out latest games, thoughts and activities, even if they’re not directly Faith and Flintlocks related. One thing I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to link that new account back to our Facebook page…yay for technology!

And before we sign off for the post, don’t forget to sign up to the Faith and Flintlocks newsletter on the game’s specific site to stay up to date with news, articles and kickstarter info.

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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