Weekly Update #108

Welcome back to this week’s dev blog. Once again we’ve been busy squeezing a few extra hours into Faith & Flintlocks development after work and between daddy duties. But what have we achieved this week:

  • Simon has done more work on the Moschops, continuing to fix him up.
  • I have started roughing out the Ophidia as you will see in the below image.
  • We have finally updated our world page with some new fluff on the world and setting for our stories.
  • We have also been knee deep in discussing our ideas and plans for our eventual kickstarter.

It’s an interesting beast kickstarter, and how we structure the campaign, stretch goals and pledge levels need to have a lot of thought put into it. But after much discussions it looks like a lot of it is going to have to come down to costs which now means we actually have to start thinking about costings for everything from tokens, to dice, to the miniatures themselves.

Speaking of the miniatures here is that work in progress image of the Ophidia I mentioned earlier. I’m quite stoked with how he’s looking, now I just need to keep refining him. If you’ve got any feedback on him we’d be happy to listen 🙂

Ophidia_Concepts_ 33.jpg

This week’s stuff from the web section features an awesome looking co-op adventure game called the City of Kings currently on kickstarter with only 7 days left to back it. Definitely worth checking out!


Now on to our goals for the coming week:

  • I need to do some minor fixes to the Two Horn’s sculpt as there were things we noticed on the 3d print that we weren’t happy with.
  • The Two Horn model will be separated for the intention of printing and casting.
  • The Ophidia’s silhouette and design will be pushed further. If I am on to it I will also start roughing out equipment on his back.
  • We are going to be having a play test with several friends this coming Tuesday…or at least that’s the plan. So hopefully we will come away from that with lots more feedback on the current state of the game!

And with that we come to the end of our weekly update. Hopefully we can stay on track this coming week and get our Two Horn ready for print and casting, and keep pushing the Ophidia and Moschops along as well.

Until next week 😀

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