Weekly Update #105

It’s Thursday and that means Update day! Unfortunately this week has been a bit of a write off for myself having had the last 3 days off work sick (and still in need of more rest). But it did start off well with a long and fruitful discussion with Simon on Sunday about our ever growing to do list and our next priorities.

But to recap on what we did manage last week:

  • We had a lengthy discussion on Vendettas, Fluff, goals and our next priorities.
  • We have now reworked the vendettas in to ‘Twists of Fate’ to be more in line with our current Fate deck (injury deck). We’ve also removed them from the other ill-fated, jinxed and out of luck cards to be their own separate type of Fate card.

And yup like I said it was a bit of an off week for us. That being said our discussion was fruitful and our next goals are to finish the Moschops, finish the fluff / backstory reworking for the Isogoreans, re-work our world overview. From there we move on to starting the Ophidia sculpt, getting the Two Horn printed and cast, and starting the rest of the remaining sculpts.

One of the sculpts I am really interested in seeing is the Wou, but as she’s a long way off I’ll have to be happy with occasionally doing more concept sketches for, like below.


Interesting things from the web this week that I’ve seen are the overall winners of the Crystal Brush Award. Seriously these people are painting some insane detail on these models and they look gorgeous: http://crystalbrush.coolminiornot.com/cbwinners

Looking to the coming week we plan to:

  • Complete the Update the fluff / background for the Isogoreans
  • Providing the fluff is good to go, upload some more of it to the web
  • Have another crack at the world overview
  • Reprint the Fate deck with our updates to the vendettas

Hopefully neither of us will fall sick this coming week and we’ll be able to push forward with our plans for the game!

Until next week 🙂

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