Weekly Update #240

Ahoy there readers and welcome back once again to another dev post!

This week has been great for us!

First up Simon has been continuing with the 3d prints ready for a playtest set. I’ve also sorted through and fired off the rest of the models that he might not have had (Drazz, Shrubber, Sarcos, Ophidia and Two Horn).

And the big thing for me this week was I finished both the Fortune and the Fate decks! They’re all reformatted and uploaded to the GameCrafter, ready for us to press the go button. Of all the cards I’ve reworked recently these two decks needed the most love and I believe they’ll still be the ones that need the most work done to them. I spent a good amount of time on the Fate deck trying to get it all to gel with our current thinking without changing anything too much.

2020-03-12_3D Print 012020-03-12_3D Print 02

And with those last decks done that means now that all the cards in all of the decks are ready to go. The only thing stopping our reprint is a rechecking of the tokens that Simon had previously done and a decision on whether we print out some terrain as well or just stick with the cardboard cutouts we’ve got currently.

All of which means that the coming week is fairly straightforward (fingers crossed). Go through the Tokens, make sure they’re correct, fix what ever is require and boom we’re ready to print. One thing I will think about when looking at the tokens is the size of them. Mainly because after playing Aristeia with it’s tons of tiny tokens, I do appreciate larger, more tactile and easier to grip / use tokens. Hopefully we keep up the momentum!

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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