Weekly Update #163

Welcome back again,

This week I’m back on duty having decided that working 14 hour days at work perhaps weren’t the best use of my time šŸ˜€

Sculpting has been slow this week though the Shrubber now has some detailed leaves instead of the tongue shaped clumps of before.

The backstory is chugging along at a steady pace and I’m really enjoying reading the new sections as our writer friend uploads them.

And, drum roll please, we have actually managed not one but two play tests last night! Though as typical we forgot to take any photos. The play tests revealed that 1, we haven’t played the game in awhile, 2, we hadn’t updated all the rules since we last had a play test, and 3, that the game is still fun but we found it slightly clunkier than last time.

To fix the clunkiness we retooled some of the basic measuring and range checking mechanics and wow did it feel faster. We are also now going to be separating some of the skills out so not everyone can do everything, which should help each character feel distinct.

For now I need to write up our notes, put together our point costs and come up how the skills should be split. Along side finishing the sculpt for the Shrubber and prodding Simon to get back to work on the Peregryn.

And that is where Grimwolden Games is at for this week šŸ™‚


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