The Weekly Update

Another week bites the dust and we’ve even managed a play test and meet up to boot! Last Friday we were able to spend the evening playing through a scenario and discussing many of the problems areas we’re having with the game at the moment. It was great, the game was fun and good times were had by all (though my Cinder chaps were routed by Simon’s Hantu who just wouldn’t stay dead!).

What we achieved this week:

  • We had a successful catch up last Friday
  • We enjoyed a rousing game of Faith & Flintlocks
  • We worked through what we need to do next and where the weakest points in the game currently are. Along with the possibility of needing to out source work or do it ourselves.
  • Simon has continued to refine the rulebook based upon decisions made during the play test.


All in all not a bad week at all. Now it may not look a lot but believe me it feels like a good haul to me. One of the reasons is that I think we may have cracked some of the issues that have been bugging me with the Fortune Deck (formally known as the Exploration Deck) and also come up with a stronger cleaner theme for the Hantu’s play style / Faction Deck. Most of our issues with the Fortune Deck revolved around how it felt tacked and not 100% part of the game, with our new streamlined ideas it feels tighter and more consistent with the rest of the game. Basically the new Fortune Deck will be the win condition for every game, it can only be accessed by spending 1 action, but (and here’s the interesting bit) each scenario determines how the deck is used and accessed, thereby changing the game up between different scenarios. So now that I’ve given you a little taste of our design changes, what are our goals for the upcoming week?

  • Do another pass at the Hantu faction cards used in the pre-made gangs as they are currently the weakest point gameplay wise.
  • Simon continue to tweak the rulebook
  • Catch up with our writer friend to see how things are going
  • Stretch goals: Cinder faction cards for pre-made gang,  Isogorean faction cards for pre-made gang, Mime faction cards for pre-made gang, extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki.

Quite a few things in the stretch goals list this time. I thought I’d play it safe this week because I’m not 100% sure on how long its going to take me to go through the Hantu faction cards for the pre-made gangs. At least this way if I speed through the faction deck stuff I’ll look super productive 😀

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