Weekly update from the 9th of April

No Thursday meeting this week it has been postponed till Saturday (today) where we will be going through all the silhouettes create thus far and reviewing progress and maybe even getting in another play test hopefully.

But on to what we have achieved this week:

  • Concept silhouettes done for the Pup and the Wou
  • Concept silhouettes done for theĀ Moschop, Tyton and the Elder
  • Background Fluff Design guides for all the factions have been created and while not set in stone they are a good starting point that we can use to build more and more background information upon.

What we will achieve this coming week:

  • Trial a re-worked injury deck during the potential play test
  • come up with a way forward with the concepts and silhouettes
  • Finish the faction decks
  • Stretch goals: Re work some of the background information to match current fluff guidelines.

Hopefully during our Saturday meeting we will come up with other goals and ideas for this week and if we have time we might even be able to post them later today too.

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