Exploration Deck and Concept Scenario

Having just finished drafting up an interesting Exploration Deck and new Scenario I thought I would share some interesting advances in our game.

First up is the Exploration Deck. One thing we both really enjoyed from other games (especially found in Warhammer Quest and Heroquest) was the searching of rooms, generation of random events and the feeling of exploring the surroundings. To try and implement that in a more free form tabletop game wasn’t quite as easy as we thought. Originally I had thought of scenarios where points or tokens could be placed and players must then go to those locations and search them or trigger those spots in order to draw from the Exploration Deck. But that felt somewhat cumbersome. Alternatively I could have just said the Deck triggers whenever near a piece of terrain, but I couldn’t just assume players would use a lot of terrain or even how it would be placed.

The solution I am currently trying out is: A model may spend 1 action to search an area. That model may then draw from the Exploration Deck and then places an ‘Explored Token’ on the table. You cannot search within 6 inches of another ‘Explored Token’. And to make it more tempting for the player to go exploring, the further from your Home Token or side of the board the more exploration cards you could potentially draw. It sounds like it has potential and I can’t wait to try it with the new scenario that I have written for it:

With the dusk light waning on the horizon the expedition party knows it must soon retire to the camp, but off in the distance they spot what must be a rival expedition. They cannot let these heathens collect any of the precious relics! With precious few moments to spare before night falls, the gang fans out for a final search.

This scenario would be a turn limited game where it is a race to find and return as many relics or pieces of loot as possible. Though along with victory points it is also possible to win the game by wiping the opponent’s gang off the board. Sounds like fun to me.

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