Fate Deck

One of the decks we have been implementing and testing of late is the Fate Deck. I figured I would go into a little more detail regarding its latest incarnation.

We decided to use the Fate Deck for when models are in life or death situations and their fate hangs in the balance. It contains all manner of injuries, penalties and lucky saves which a model may or may not draw if they have been ‘Gambling with Fate’ during a scenario or if something specifies they are ‘Gambling with Fate’. Gambling with Fate is a fancy name for when a model is taking more damage than they have health boxes.

One interesting thing is that permanent injuries stack up over campaign games and the more injuries you take the smaller the Fate deck becomes and the more likely a permanent death turning up becomes.

So it is entirely possible that you get 1 super lucky character that can just keep trucking along despite being shot, stabbed and squashed repeatedly. Its not very likely but it is possible, and as long as its funny and enjoyable I find that those are some of the best and most memorable moments in games.

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