Weekly updated for the 21st of May

Hello again, time again for our weekly round up. First up on the blocks is the completed this week list:

  • Initial Shrubber sculpt completed
  • Fate Deck has been restructured and re-labelled. (art work yet to be looked at yet though)
  • Exploration Deck is complete! exciting times are ahead for us now. (art work yet to be looked)
  • Various fixes and tweaks in the tiddlywiki (awesome job Simon).

While the list is short, the Fate Deck and Exploration Deck actually represent a fair amount of work. The Exploration deck now has 50 cards set out (minus art) and the Fate Deck currently sits at 54 cards of varying hilarity. We are both quite keen to test these out and see how they play in game.

On to what we plan to achieve this coming week:

  • Myself to finish the Sarcos initial sculpt
  • Simon to finish the Drazz initial sculpt
  • Complete an initial Hantu Faction Deck
  • Start looking at how to assemble expeditions (series of scenarios), secret missions, and critical hits.

So that’s the current plan, easy peasy right?

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