Weekly Update #94

It’s late Thursday night and I’ve finally remembered I need to put together this blog! Let’s have a quick look back at what we managed this week: The notes from our play test have been stored and filed. The Two Horn has had further updates and is painstakingly close to being done. Simon has had … More Weekly Update #94

Weekly Update #78

Hello and welcome back to the weekly update, glad to have you with us. This week we’ve ticked off most of the items that were on our to do list for the week: We have uploaded the One Horn sculpt to sketchfab. Unfortunately I found that the low poly decimated version of the One Horn … More Weekly Update #78

Weekly Update #75

Wait, it’s already Thursday? And what a Thursday I’ve had…..12 hours at work, meetings, last minute requests and urgent deadlines. You know, the usual ;p But obviously you didn’t come here to hear me talk about my day job, so lets get down to business with what we’ve been up to for the last week: … More Weekly Update #75

Weekly Update #74

It’s that time again! We’re back with our weekly update. Another busy week has come and gone, my work has been far too busy for my liking and I believe Simon has had similar issues with freeing up time. Also I have come to the conclusion that I am either very bad at estimating how … More Weekly Update #74

Art Dump #48

Once again it’s the usual the Sunday Art Dump. This week I thought we’d take a break from the 3D and show off a little 2d sketch I’ve tidied up. For a while I had wanted to do a group shot of some characters that told a little story and showed a tiny segment of … More Art Dump #48

Weekly Update #64

Here comes the Weekly Update hot off the press. So what was looking like a quiet week for myself in fact turned out to be slightly busy week at work dealing with engineers, drawings and other such fun 😦 But on the bright side we’ve still managed to make some progress: I have started reworking … More Weekly Update #64

Weekly Update #63

We’re back with another of our weekly updates 😀 How did we do this week? We continued to develop the Cinder faction look and feel. I would say we’re at a point where we could probably park them for the moment. We created an online white board for the Faction design development. It’s through Realtimeboard.com and … More Weekly Update #63

Weekly Update #62

Once again we delve in to the week that was. And while it has been another ridiculously busy week at work I’m happy that I’ve been able pump out a number of Cinder concept sketches and a few other bits and bobs. So what exactly have we managed this week? The Cinder look and theme … More Weekly Update #62


Another week of fun is done and we’re back to report on our progress. Progress has been steady this week which isn’t the most exciting thing to say but better than saying we did jack all :p . Also, it turns out that coming up with concepts for melee weapons (swords, spears and what not) … More WEEKLY UPDATE #58

Weekly Update #57

Hello hello and welcome back all to our latest weekly development update. This week we haven’t managed much in terms of gameplay development but the art and concept side has been chugging along strong. Completed this week: We have locked down the Tyton’s weapon concept Locked down the Elder’s weapon concept Finally nailed the Wou’s … More Weekly Update #57