Weekly updated for the 28th of May

Update time again…hmm perhaps I should actually be posting these up on the dates specified? So while we didn’t manage a meeting on Thursday, we did meet up on Saturday, briefly discussed things and had an awesome time play testing. So one thing to look forward to in the coming days is a play test write up. Now on to the list of things we completed this week:

  • I finished an initial Sarcos sculpt
  • The Hantu faction deck has been drafted ready for an initial print.
  • I have written up and explored ideas surrounding the swords for hire or ‘Freelance Explorers’ as they prefer to be known as.

While it couldn’t be on the completed list I would like to let you know that Simon has started the initial sculpt of the Drazz…its just turning out to be a tad tougher than we counted on. So with that in mind I’ll continue with the list of things to be completed this week:

  • Simon to finish the Drazz initial sculpt
  • Mark to finish at least 10 concept icons / logos for each of the different factions (two factions complete thus far)
  • Write up the notes from our latest play test (starting equipment for gang members, end of scenario scoring, etc)
  • Write up a blog post on our latest play test
  • Review and refine all existing scenarios
  • Write up a concept on how our campaigns or ‘Expeditions’ will run and string together.

Another busy week ahead but with all but one of the characters having an initial sculpt we will soon be looking at getting them all printed from a friend with access to cheap 3d printers (as the one Simon has access to is currently not in a working condition).

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