Weekly update for the 18th of June

Another super week of trying to fit fun game work in between normal paid work. So on to what we’ve done this week:

– We posted up a walk through of our latest play test.
– I have roughed out an expanded image of the town layout.
– Simon has continued to progress the drazz sculpt
– We have been working on a game name, and decided it needs to be more punny.
– We’ve been working on several issues brought up by the play test. Mostly related to the currently lack luster faction decks.

In our weekly meeting this week we have agreed on the new direction for the faction / equipment decks, shared handy tips on zbrush, re-fixed the reloading rule, adjusted starting weapons for each character and divied up work on Trello.

Going on to our to do this week list:

– Simon to work on the Drazz
– Mark to do an initial layout of a gang sheet
– Mark to rework initial sculpts to match new character weapons
– Simon to fix the wiki with updates to the faction and equipment decks
– Both of us to work on coming up with name concepts for the game.

So with all those to do it looks like another good week of fixing, updating and creating 😀

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