Play Test – 12th June

As promised and foretold, here is a quick walk through of our latest play test. (now as a note I thought I would mention that almost all of the models we are currently using are proxies from other game systems – except for the big green ophidia).

This was our first time trialling the new Fate and Exploration Decks with people other than ourselves. So stepping up to trial the game again were James, Jono and Luke. Having not changed any major mechanics since last time Jono and Luke were quickly into the first game.

Unfortunately for Jono he had some unlucky picks with the Exploration Deck, summoning a pack of Giant Krontachs as well as a run in with a large and frisky Gwijibo. Things weren’t looking so good for Jono.

A view of the table

Luke then took an early lead by gathering precious Relics and Loot.

So happy he has loot
Luke’s little proxy carrying some sweet Loot

However it was not to be with Jono’s Pup racing up the field and clobbering two of Luke’s models who then couldn’t catch a lucky break with the Fate Deck and ended up out of action.

snake thingy
View down the field

Coming to the last turn it was locked up as a draw with little either side could do to change that result, so the Ophidia just sort of hung out for a turn looking like a boss.

Our only current test print – the large and in charge Ophidia

At the end the Fate and Exploration Decks went down really well and added a lot to the game. Though some of the Exploration Cards still need refining as most of them were written late and night and make very little sense in the light of day.

The second game between Simon and James continued on with the same gangs from Jono and Luke’s game, which allowed us to test a bit of the campaign rules and a symmetrical teams (Simon happened to be a man down thanks to an unlucky break in the previous game). This time they trialled a new scenario based around saving and removing of npc models. The mechanics still worked fine but the scenario itself wasn’t so flash, with the game ending extremely quickly in a draw. Live and learn, at least we now know that those scenario rules don’t work so well.

Overall it was a great evening with a lot of fun had, and a lot of constructive feedback. Simon and I now have to go away and rework some our ideas, putting them together in ways that click with the vibe and theme of the game. Our plan is for our next group play test to have a reimplemented Faction Deck with updated cards and scenarios, fingers crossed.

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