Weekly Update for the 9th of July

On time and on schedule. This week in our weekly update we:

  • Simon managed a cool post about the Drazz concept sculpt (along with a few other posts)
  • Simon has setup the 12 concept sculpts for a test print (fingers crossed for a print next week)
  • The Mime Faction deck has been rebuilt with 60 unique cards.
  • All of the existing Cinder Faction cards but have about 20 holes left to fill in the deck.
  • The remaining existing equipment in to the Hantu and Isogo faction decks.

And just to show off my mad sorting skills, check out the image below.

Sorting CardsBut on to our plan for the coming week:

  • Have the Cinder Deck complete
  • Reshuffle the Hantu Deck
  • Reshuffle the Isogo Deck
  • 3D print the 12 characters
  • Review existing card layouts
  • Stretch goals: Concept more game names, rework and review scenarios,

A good list of things to do and one I hope is all ticked off by next Thursday 😀

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