Art Dump 20th of July

So you may have perhaps noticed the lack of a Sunday Art Dump, unfortunately due to the weekend disappearing quicker than I had envisaged you will have to settle for the slightly late Monday Art Dump. But enough of excuses, on to some pretty pictures!

Now the first two pictures are just odd doodles that more than likely could exist somewhere in Grimwolden. Sometimes its nice just to let the mind wander, which is rather obvious with Gerry.

What a friendly looking chap
What a friendly looking chap


Lastly this week is more of a landscape. I tried to imagine some people wandering the forests, bushes and ravines, searching for relics. At the moment I have quickly splashed some colour over it to give it a bit more interest, but at some stage it would be nice to tidy it up with some of our actual characters. Also the guy on the left looks gumpy, so he needs to be fixed too (though my wife has just suggested he may simply be drunk).


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