Weekly Update for the 23rd of July

A mere day late but otherwise on track ;p at least I have a valid excuse this time, we had a productive meeting! huzzah!

On to our achievements this week:

  • Isogo faction deck finished
  • Hantu faction deck finished
  • Back end templates for the faction decks have been updated and tweaked
  • All faction equipment has been printed
  • Faction equipment has been scribbled over (see image)

20150724_171426So with our meeting we mostly spent time going over the faction equipment pieces as well as discussing our next play test. But on to our goals for the coming week:

  • Update equipment cards as noted (all 144 of them!)
  • Print Faction Deck ability cards
  • Go review the ability cards
  • Re print character cards
  • Stretch goals: Revisit naming convention for cards, update website with more faction and character information.

Not a lot of exciting stuff there but hopefully once we’re through these changes we can get back to play testing!

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