Weekly Update for the 16th of July

Back for more are you? Awesome, here’s a run down of what we’ve achieved this week:

  • Completed Cinder faction deck.
  • All existing and several new cards sorted for the Isogo faction deck.
  • 3d files for all 12 initial concept sculpts off to the printers for a print (expected print date sometime next week at earliest)
  • A weekly meeting (discussing many things, such as our plans for moving forward, what remains to be built and what to concentrate on).
  • Decided on a name for the game.

What’s that you say, a name? Really after all this time? Well yes dear readers, after much time we have settled on a name that appears to have stuck with us and we feel is a good brand name. The new name is:

Faith and Flintlocks

It tells enough about our game for people to at least have a little bit of an idea about it and at the same time sounds reasonably cool. If you have any feedback on the name choice we’d love to hear it. It will probably slowly be put into the appropriate places on the site and facebook, but don’t expect it to change over night :p.

But on to our goals for the coming week:

  • Finish the Isogo faction deck
  • Finish the Hantu faction deck
  • Re-work the back end templates and information for the faction decks
  • Have a reprint done of all faction decks
  • If printed have a review of all the cards and then promptly scribble all over them
  • Stretch goals: Review of fluff and background, put up information on the websites pages regarding the characters, world and factions, review our scenarios.

It may look like a lot (or may not depending on your view), but I’m feeling confident and so I’m looking forward to the coming week and our work.

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