Sunday Art Dump 26th July

Welcome to another Art Dump, this week we’ve got a random assortment of old sketches and new sketches. So without further ado:

First up we have two pictures showing some of the original concepts I did around the idea of a port town with a chequered past and the fantastical creatures and goings on in the world:

IMG_7936 IMG_7877

Next up we have 3 images from this week. Not all of them are particularly on topic but they are at least all interesting.

First up is a quick doodle of the Wou. She certainly has the tall and thin thing going on but as to why she’s happily waving to someone I have no idea. I think the bony hoops coming over her shoulders are some sort of extension of her collar bone, and will move with her shoulder as her arm moves up and down. Cool looking but probably a pain when it comes to clothes.


Up next is a strange fat Mime person with a cape. Yeah I don’t know what was going on when he came out on to the page. At least he’s vaguely on topic being a Mime.20150726_210150And finally today we have another oddity, perhaps some sort of tribal native from a far flung corner of Grimwolden?


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