Weekly Update from the 30th of July

One day late but one day…better? Sure I’ll go with that. This week we didn’t manage a meeting but have stayed on track and are ready for a serious play test day tomorrow where we will hopefully run through all the systems and lock down the game with the idea of not making any more major changes.

Our progress this week:

  • Updated all equipment cards as per mark ups
  • All faction deck cards now have a “cost” associated with them
  • The ability cards have had a brief review in the costing process
  • All faction cards have been printed out ready for tomorrow.
  • You may have noticed the game name ‘Faith & Flintlocks’ starting to appear on the blog here and there.

So to out line our plan for tomorrow: we are hoping to build a gang each, take it through a few successive games and tweak the scenarios and gang building mechanics as we go. At the end of it we will be able to see how balanced and engaging the base design is which will help us then refine the game into something even more awesome (I may be being optimistic here haha).

So our goal for this coming week (assuming this go well tomorrow):

  • Have a day of play testing tomorrow
  • Make a blog post of said testing
  • Update any and all changes to the faction cards
  • Update rules and scenarios according to testing
  • Stretch goals: Look at token designs, continue to add more information to the website, add more background information, etc

Now I know those goals are quite broad but unfortunately we have to wait and see how tomorrow goes as to what will need updating and what we have to fix. But on to other interesting news, we have had word that our 3d test prints are on their way to us and should be arriving shortly. We ended up using Shapeways to do an initial run and we can’t wait to see them and start using real models instead of proxies. Exciting times!

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