Sunday Art Dump 2nd of August

Back with another round of odd images and sketches. Nothing too out of the box this week, just a couple of plain jane sketches to keep you entertained.

Up first are two images of the Wou. Both rather similar but slightly different. I believe I was looking at what sort of clothing / armour she may wear and trying to get a better idea of her bony loops which extend from her shoulders. I like the tall slim humanoid look but I think she can be pushed to be even slightly more elongated and stretched. After all she isn’t human so she shouldn’t have to look exactly like one.

exalted_concepts_024 exalted_concepts_023

The last image for this week is a quick Rhorlan One Horn doodle, which I am surprised turned out as well as it did. Certainly looks like a well solid and well built little chap. I’m quite liking the strong jaw but I think I’ve got similar jaw lines on some of the other characters, so I’ll have to work on that.

One Horn Concept 19

If you’ve got any feedback or ideas let me know, always happy to chat đŸ˜€

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