Art Dump #57

It’s Sunday! It’s the Art Dump! This week we’ve got some awesome renders from Simon to show off the One Horn sculpt. First up are two renders giving an idea how the model will look like once it’s cast in our hands. And finally a super cool render using procedural shaders to mimic a simple … More Art Dump #57

Art Dump #53

Welcome back to the Art Dump, this week we’ve got a few concept sketches and a pose study to look at. First up is a quick concept sketch of a strong looking female with a large and menacing axe. I was playing with the enlarged fore arms and interesting hair with this. Up second is … More Art Dump #53

Art Dump #45

On time, on schedule and not failing at blogging this week! We’re back with the Art Dump for the week that was. First up is a continuation of the One Horn Sculpting series. Below you can see my progress. I’ve retopologized all the parts you can see here, though I’m still working on the hand … More Art Dump #45

Art Dump #42

Another Sunday Art Dump bursts on to the scene. First up this week is the continuation of Cinder faction sketches, however this one got clean up treatment. I’m quite liking the big floppy hats and staff. I think the bison horn-esk top of the staff makes it look quite cool and also slightly cowboy-esk, which … More Art Dump #42

The Art Dump

Welcome to the Sunday Art Dump for the 13th of December. This week we’ve got an updated work in progress shot of the One Horn sculpt, some weapon concepts and some images of our 3d printed terrain trials. So on with the show. First up the work in progress shot. As you can see, he’s … More The Art Dump