Sunday Art Dump for the 9th of August

On time and feelin’ fine.

This week I’ve got a few Two Horn pics and a solo Sarcos to show off. Hopefully I can find sometime this coming week to dive back into Zbrush and do some more 3d scupting, but for now you’ll have to enjoy some simple sketches.

First up we’ve got the solo Sarcos sketch. Comes across as an older and perhaps wiser looking chap. That’s probably to do with the stoop and craning neck he’s got going on (not really intentional). Was playing with what the crest on the rear of his head would be, I’m figging the front part will be hard or bone like with the rear of it being akin to a human ear (which is why I’ve drawn in a few piercings, gotta look snazzy right?).


Next on the drawing board is the mighty Two Horn. This wee lass definitely needs some more attention as I don’t think I’ve looked at her much since we finished the initial sculpts. First up is just a bust, tried to keep the jaw line a bit more rounded and slightly more feminine, though I do know its a very similar jaw line to what I normally draw these days (I think I need to draw more variety!). And yes she seems to be the only character with normal hair, no I don’t know why.

Two Horn Concept 15

Next we’ve got a rather cool looking armour set. Reference for this was a series of 20 images of women in realistic armour. I like the flared look of the armour and it certainly helps reinforce the bottom heavy look of her.Two Horn Concept 14

And finally a super rough doodle looking for poses for her, as her current sculpt is a little lacklustre in that respect (though I’m not any happier with the pose below, so its back to the drawing board).Two Horn Concept 16If you’ve got any feedback or ideas let me know and drop us a line.

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