Weekly Update from the 6th of August

Another week bites the bust, and Grimwolden Games the collaboration has (give or take a bit) clicked up 1 year of fun. Now you may notice that the website hasn’t been up for a year yet but to be fair we began truly working on the idea and concept of what we were trying to build around this time last year. So hurray for us having stayed on focus for a whole year, and I hope we will continue to have many more years of fun to come. But on to what we have achieved over this past week:

  • First up we managed an awesome playtest on last saturday as you know
  • We have uploaded a blog of said playtest
  • We have updated our wiki with the latest tweaks as we noted down during play
  • And have updated the scenarios that we played.
  • Also have to note here that the 3d printed test sculpts got delivered this week. And it is absolutely awesome to see a physical copy of something you sculpted in 3d.

So now that we have all that under our belt we have to start finishing off many of the little loose ends and start the slow process of tidying up the game and our world. With that in mind our goals for the coming week are:

  • Choose 1 character each who we will take through to a final sculpt level
  • Write a fully fleshed out concept Expedition
  • Clean up 2-3 other scenarios for testing
  • Look at tidying up and re-printing character cards.
  • Stretch goals: updating blog, adding background info

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