Weekly Update for the 13th of August

With another week down the drain we look back to see how good a job we did 😀

  • We decided that we would focus on not 2 but 4 characters to take through to a final sculpt level. The two Rhorlans and the two Shelonians. They should serve as our basis for clothing, setting and design which we can then replicate across the others.
  • We went through all the 3d prints and decided what worked and what didn’t.
  • Wrote 1 expedition consisting of 3 scenarios.
  • Wrote 1 new scenario and tided up another.

When writing the expedition and going over how the gang growth would work we came up with another potential way to handle the gang size and balance issues. We need to discuss it more but I’m interested in seeing where this design could lead us. If we firm up the idea and get it working we will need to put up a post about it. But on to what we will achieve this coming week:

  • We will begin to develop and refine our two characters. No firm number of art pieces to be produced each week but hopefully you will see some more concept and development work find its way onto the blog.
  • Review another 2 existing scenarios
  • Refine the expedition system and formalize it for a quick reference guide
  • Add more information about the characters to the website.

I really want to get more information up to the website for people to get excited about but as always its a battle to find the time to do everything. So we have to continue to focus on the things that provide the biggest bang for buck (or the things that move the design forward the fastest). Until next update 🙂

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