Art Dump #48

Once again it’s the usual the Sunday Art Dump. This week I thought we’d take a break from the 3D and show off a little 2d sketch I’ve tidied up. For a while I had wanted to do a group shot of some characters that told a little story and showed a tiny segment of … More Art Dump #48

Sunday Art Dump

Welcome back to the Art Dump for Sunday the 15th. This week is a bit of a menagerie of different art, I have some random doodles of some possible creatures / characters in Grimwolden, a concept of a piece of tabletop terrain and a weapon concept or two. So without further ado: Up first we … More Sunday Art Dump

Drazz Concept Sculpt

So here he is… finally. The elusive and hard to figure out Drazz.. So the Drazz is our 12th character design. An Angular, Segmented, multi-limbed, Insectoid . Original idea was a human/spider hybrid. But has evolved to something more of a Hornet/Wasp. One of my original ideas was that this guys can talk, but he has … More Drazz Concept Sculpt

Elder Concept Sculpt

So after a lot of screwing around here is a test sculpt of the elder shelonian. A frail old man trapped in an ever growing suit of armour. A proud warrior in his day. Taking one last opportunity to seek out glory… or something like that…