Art Dump

Apologies to all but I someone how managed to miss a day. I was in Saturday thinking about the art dump and now its Monday and where the heck did Sunday get to? Always seems like there’s never enough time in the day to do everything you want to do. But I digress, who’s here for a pretty picture or two? 😀

First up this week is a concept character for potential expansions, a chap I’ve called Circolson (horribly great name :p). When I was doing this quick sketch I was thinking about those star wars droids that roll around and then unfold (apparently called Droidekas according to google). I liked the idea that these people could roll around and then unfurl and operate as per normal. I imagine he would have to hold all his gear on his stomach or inside the disk shape when rolling. Could make for an interesting character and tabletop model though.Circolson.jpg

Second and final picture for the week (not much to show off this week I’m afraid) is another concept ‘what if’ piece. For this character I was trying to think of some kind of cool mount with a relatively small person riding on top. What I ended up with was a rather porky looking rider with a lizard / grasshopper mount thing. Oh and a massive hunting rifle, because what else would you ride with. I think it would make a cool model on the table though it would probably work best on a large base.Tex.jpg

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