The Weekly Update

Once again we’ve arrived back at Thursday so its time for another exciting instalment of our regular developers update.

Success! I have finished the ‘How to draw X character’ documents. It took me all week due a tight deadline at work but in the end its done and dusted. It was quite interesting making these documents, thinking through exactly what made a Rhorlan a Rhorlan as opposed to just any other design. As for what else we achieved this week:

  • We finished the ‘How to draw X character’ documents as stated above
  • We continued to do some weapon concept work, mostly on the Peregrine and Tyton (Staying with the muskets while we were in the zone)
  • We’ve locked in Friday (tomorrow) for a play test (woo!)
  • Simon has continued to refine the Rulebook

Now that the how to draw jazz is out of the way, I suspect it will be time to start getting back into Zbrush to sculpt out these characters. Though there are also other things that need polishing such as updating the website, fully fleshing out the factions (what they wear, back story, feel, etc), logos and designs, etc. I suppose we’ve got to take a step back and think what is the most efficient / best / wisest route for getting this game from here to a successful kickstarter. If any of you have some ideas or advice it would be great to hear it 🙂

But before we get carried away with big picture planning, what’s our plan for the coming week?

  • Have a catch up regarding our plans tomorrow
  • Have a play test tomorrow
  • Continue to tidy rulebook
  • Come up with our next stage of the plan
  • Stretch goals: extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki.

Fairly vague goals for the coming week at the moment as it seems like a good time to catch a breath and have a think about our plans now that all the documents are done and ready for our artist.

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