Art Dump

Back with another dose of the weekly Art Dump. This week I’ve got a small series showing me going from a sketch in my book to a cleaned up and finally coloured (roughly) picture. I’ve also got a few roughs of some concept muskets for the Shrubber.

So first up I thought I’d go with the gun concepts. His weapon is basically a short barrelled blunderbuss, so we were looking for a wide flare on the barrel along with some plant type growth to tie it into the Shrubber aesthetic.  I quite like the 3rd musket but it might be a bit too much, what do you lot think looks the best?Shrubber Weapons 01.jpg

Up next is my mini series showing moving through the different stages of the drawing. The drawing started as a simple sketch, I was trying to draw some cool action type shot with the Shrubber sliding down a hill of some sort. I’ve been trying to move towards creating more dynamic sketches that tell little tales and this is one of the first that has turned out well. So since it came out not too bad so I thought I would clean it up. I then applied some simple greys and as per my usual stuff, but then I thought I could add some colour to help illustrate how much of a plant person he is. The result is as you see below, though I’m not 100% happy with how the coloured version came out but its good enough to call it done and move on to the next sketch. How do you lot think I could make it better?


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