Weekly Update

Once again we’re back at Thursday for the weekly update. Before I get into the update I was wondering do you think its worth numbering these updates (weekly update #20, or episode 24 of the weekly updates, or some other cool name for it) so we can easily search them, can differentiate between them or just so we know how many of the things we’ve done. I lean towards the new name for each update, even if its just a number after the title, but what do you think?

As for how we’ve gone this week? Well we’ve been semi productive I would say. I’ve managed to squeeze a bit more time from my days (I got lucky with a lack of “real” work and so had a day or two to spare on my fun work). What does that mean in terms of actual out put? Well we’ve:

  • Done a revision of the Hantu Pre-canned gang. Updating all the names and abilities where required. The names all sound much more thematic and interesting, though the balance will still need work as all we’ve really done is re-skin the base abilities the cards had before.
  • Simon has pressed on with further tweaks on the Rulebook
  • We caught up with our writer friend who in turn was waiting for us to provide further feedback. Whoops! We’ll be getting on to that rather quickly now!
  • We’ve had a quick pass at the Shrubber’s weapon as you will have seen in the last Art Dump.

Oh and here’s another bonus picture from our last playtest:20160304_224746.jpg

So what is our next step? Well aside from reviewing the Hantu pre-canned gang cards together, we’ve still got the other 3 factions to work over, new scenarios to put into the wiki and continue to produce concept weapons for our Artist to add to his awesome pics of our characters. But for the coming week we’ve broken the list down to:

  • Do pass of the Cinder faction cards used in the pre-made gangs
  • Simon continue to tweak the rulebook
  • Finish the concept for the Shrubber’s weapon
  • Start the concepts for the Peregrine’s weapons
  • Start the concepts for the Tyton’s weapon
  • Stretch goals:  Isogorean faction cards for pre-made gang, Mime faction cards for pre-made gang, extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki, plan out structure for a new website.

Fairly art focused for this next week but we will attempt to go over the theme and design for the Cinder cards from the pre-canned gangs. All helping to move us closer to the point where our main concern would be beta testing, social media campaigns and kickstarter prep.

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