Art Dump #37

Another weekend down and the looming spectre of another week of work begins to spread. But before all that lets check out some of the latest concepts and art we’ve done this week 😀

First up is the continuation of the Sarcos concepts. I’m quite liking the development and number 10 is looking cool. But as simon points out the practicalities of making such a weapon and the ability to use it are a tad questionable. I agree and it needs further refinement but also we’ve got to remember, rule of cool trumps reality.


Up next are the quick concepts for the Draz’s weapon. Now he was originally modelled with a spear so that’s what we’re running with but the potential is there that his weapon could change if it needed to be cooler. The concept’s we’re trying to bring out in this weapon are: foreign, weird, chitinous (made from bones or animal carapaces), cobbled together. Number 1 is interesting and not too busy. That and I don’t mind number 5.

Weapon Blurb: ‘Long, spiky and rather imposing, and then there’s the weapon that guy is holding.’


Finally for this week are some swords for the intrepid wee Pup. He is the only character starting with a normal sword…normal but beaten, worn and old. We want the weapon to look worn, dull and well past its used by date. As the blurb says ‘at least its good for a club’.


Weapon Blurb: ‘Bought from a second hand shop this blade has seen better days…and better users. But hey at least it makes for a good club.’


What do you guys and gals think? Which concept is looking the best to you and why? Hopefully we’ll be pushing to get these concepts finished by the end of this working week. Until then take it easy.

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