Weekly Update #59

Holy moly where did the week disappear to? Many many apologies to you all for missing the usual Thursday update but my brain was fried yesterday after a 12+ hour day at work (woo crunch time yay -_-). But enough excuses from me, lets have a look at how our development has gone this week:

  • First up I’m happy to say that the Sarcos’s weapon design is basically done and looking pretty nifty.
  • Secondly we have written up in a new tidy format 4 of our scenarios (much easier to play a scenario that is written down than in our heads :p)
  • Our awesome artist Matt has been dazzling us with some great concept art for the Moschops
  • Simon has grabbed some free time and updated our writer with some feedback, tidied up a few outstanding loose ends and started looking into 3d sculpt -> tabletop model pipelines (much debating!)

Not great but not a bad haul considering our workloads over the last week. Unfortunately that means that both the Drazz and the Pup’s weapons still need finishing off and the Cinder test gang still needs a re-jig. Its surprising how much time it can take to find the right weapon to help sell the character, some of the designs were easy but man alive is the Pup taking some effort.

The many handed Drazz on the look out

So what’s that leave for the coming week? Well we plan to:

  • Finish the concepts for the Pup’s weapon
  • Finish the concepts for the Draz’s weapon
  • Re-jig the Cinder pre-made gang to boost their awesomeness
  • Stretch goals for the week: Do some concept art for the factions, faction logo / symbol concepts, extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki

Nothing too fancy on the list for next week, mostly because it’s still crunch time for me for possibly the next two weeks and Simon is fairly busy until the end of May 😦 But one thing I think we may try in fit in soon is another play test (hopefully this time with an updated rulebook), will keep you posted on this one!


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