Art Dump #38

Welcome back peoples of the internet to another interesting Art Dump. This week we’ve got more weapon concepts and a speed sculpt for a change.

First up is the latest revision to the Drazz’s weapon concepts. We quite like the blade shape of number 1 and now we’re just trying to work it in with the rest of the staff. I like all the bolts and bits tacked on. What do you guys think?


Up next is probably one of the last updates to the Sarcos weapon as we’re fairly happy with how its come out (number 11 in case you’re wondering). Though it could probably use a quick mock up on Zbrush just to test the concept. It’s now looking more rugged, practical and well used.


Finally for this week is a speed sculpt from Simon. It’s based on the latest concept art coming through from Matt. And for a quick speed sculpt its looking pretty cool. I can’t wait to see this model on the table eventually!


Until next week peoples, take it easy 🙂



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