Art Dump #44

Bugger, it appears my ability to use wordpress has failed me again! This post was created on Saturday, scheduled for Sunday but failed to upload >_<. Apologise folks, but better late than never ;p

Its the Art Dump back again for another week.

This week we’ve got a sneak peak at the blocked out Rhorlan One Horn sculpt.

One Horn Concept 54b.jpg
Latest rev of the One Horn sculpt

As you can see he’s now been re-equipped with a bed roll, telescope, hammer and spade to help him when he’s out exploring the world. He’s rolled up his sleeves, lost some of the leg wrappings and gained a snazzy vest. At the moment its all very rough and nothing has been refined or retopologized. I also see a few areas that will be issues for 3d printing / casting so these need to be tweaked and fixed. But aside from all that I’m enjoying being back in Zbrush and pushing this character forwards (though exact development pipeline is still a little hazy at the moment haha).

Also here is a refresher of the awesome character art we’re working to match:

One Horn Character Art

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