Weekly Update #66

It’s that time again when we look at the week that was.

First up a wrap up of what we achieved:

  • The One Horn sculpt continues to be refined. I have retopologized and fixed up the head, vest and started on the shirt.
  • We briefly re-discussed a pipeline and our ideas for taking the model through to final design. In the end we’ve decided to just push this model through our current pipeline and learn from the results. As we don’t want to get stuck with analysis paralysis.
  • The faction design board has had some more detail added to it.
  • And the next mockup of our website has been finished (finally!) and we can now review it and get some more feedback.

Along with doing the work listed above, I’ve also been trying to work out a more efficient work life balance. Thus far what I’ve come up is a minimum number of hours that I will set aside each week to spend working on Grimwolden Games related things. I’ll let you know how my trial goes and how life handles the extra work I’m trying to slot in. This of course would be a lot easier if my 7 month old daughter would start sleeping through the nights again ;p

One Horn Concept 55.jpg
Progress shot of the One Horn

That then leads us on to our forecast for the next week:

  • I plan to have the One Horn sculpt retopologized. Once he is fixed up we can then start posing him and looking at details.

That’s right just the one thing on the list for next week. Not because we want an easy week, but more because I want to focus on one thing and get that pushed out. Though I’ll still probably also potter around with other minor things here and there to help give a bit of variety 😀

Ok that’s it for today’s blog, take it easy until next week folks 😀

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