Weekly Update #69

Hello hello and welcome back to our normal Thursday update. I have to say that the last week was a bit a of a write-off with regards to Grimwolden work. But we’ve slowly been getting back on the horse this week and will have some cool update pics ready for the usual Sunday art dump.

So have we actually made some progress this week? Yes indeed we have!:

  • We’ve taken the plunge and have started posing the One Horn. Having done very little posing in Zbrush for a long time it took me a wee bit of time to get used to it again but its all starting to come together. Getting the character into a dynamic pose and making them feel like they have weight and gravity on them is a tricky thing to get right.
One Horn Concept 59.jpg
Run boy run!

Once we’ve agreed on the pose I will need to fix up any issues created from moving the chap around, then all that remains is finish off the details and prep for print / casting. In other exciting news Simon has had to rebuild his pc (not the exciting part of the story) and is now about ready to start sculpting the Moschops (woo!)….once he gets back from his holiday :p

Which brings us along to our plan for the upcoming week:

  • Plan to have locked down the pose for the One Horn and to start fixing and finishing details.
  • We may get some action on the Moschops once Simon is back from holiday so I’m going to stick this down here 😀
  • Stretch goals: I want to write up some more information on the characters but would start with the One Horn (thinking of noting where they came from, what they are like, how tall they are, etc).

Now I haven’t been adding stretch goals lately but that one has been rattling around my head lately and at least if I put it down it means it might actually get done! Other than that it looks like a straight forward week. Man I am getting pumped that we are nearing the end of the tunnel with the One Horn!

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