Weekly Update #73

Welcome back to our regular weekly progress update.

This week started well for myself and Simon, but with my young daughter coming down with a fever and Simon’s little girl also getting sick it seems it’s not ending on a high note ;p  But as I mentioned we started the week well with much sculpting happening and many cards updated. Specifically we:

  • Have mostly finished updating the One Horn according to the last round of review notes. However there are a few items that require details before we have another review.
  • Simon has been sculpting up a storm with the Moschops. Blocking out the body and defining his shape. He’s also been playing around with Marvellous Designer to quickly get clothes on the model.
  • The pre-set faction gang cards have been updated in the wiki as per our last notes on them. Simon however isn’t likely to get around to printing them till at least next week.

I feel like I could have been a lot further along with the One Horn but I’m happy to be at least making progress. Also Marvellous Designer looks crazy awesome with the clothes Simon has slapped on to the Moschops, check it out below!


Positively motoring along with our development 😀

So that brings us to our plan for the coming week:

  • The One Horn needs to be updated, have a final review and then be completed by something like Sunday week. Hopefully that gives me enough time to finish him to a high enough standard.
  • The Moschops will continue to be developed. I believe Simon will either be looking at adding other symmetrical detail or possibly start looking at posing.
  • The updated pre-set faction gang cards will need to be printed.

Well that’s it for another week folks, hopefully next week we’ll be showing off an all but ready One Horn.

Until next week 😀

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