Weekly Update #257

Ahoy there dear readers! Nice to see you all back here after another week of madness. Hopefully you’re all surviving and thriving out there. As for us, well Simon has been busy with life which has meant he’s been out of commission most of this week. Jono has been working on the website and cards. … More Weekly Update #257

Weekly Update #117

This week on the Weekly Update we’ve got some surprise sculpting from Simon, more progress on the Ophidia and even some rules work! It seems we’ve somehow managed a week of maximum effort, great work us! To break it down we: Finished all the belts, clasps and straps for the Ophidia. Filled all the awkward … More Weekly Update #117

Weekly Update #114

Welcome once again to our Weekly Update where we go over our progress for the week that was. This week we’ve been busy with: Rewriting rules for dynamic movement such as jump, climbing, etc and re-tweaking the odds and make up of the Fortune deck. I’ve been rolling dice to see how the proposed tweaks … More Weekly Update #114

Art Dump #91

Another Sunday evening Art Dump fresh off the press. First up are two sketches showing some more brainstorming for the equipment on the character back. I like the idea of his back having lots of little parts that will show up well when he’s painted. Currently I’m liking pots, pans and other cooking equipment. As … More Art Dump #91

Weekly Update #78

Hello and welcome back to the weekly update, glad to have you with us. This week we’ve ticked off most of the items that were on our to do list for the week: We have uploaded the One Horn sculpt to sketchfab. Unfortunately I found that the low poly decimated version of the One Horn … More Weekly Update #78

Weekly Update #73

Welcome back to our regular weekly progress update. This week started well for myself and Simon, but with my young daughter coming down with a fever and Simon’s little girl also getting sick it seems it’s not ending on a high note ;p  But as I mentioned we started the week well with much sculpting … More Weekly Update #73

Art Dump #50

Welcome back to our weekly art dump. This week I haven’t managed to find any interesting renders of our sculpts we’ve been working on. So to make up for that I’ve gone searching through our vast library of random sketches and concepts to show you some pics of things that may eventually become miniatures one … More Art Dump #50